ebb & flow expressive therapies

Welcome to the practice of Ebb and Flow Expressive Therapies. We provide psychotherapy and counselling to adults, adolescents and families and offer our clients a safe place and space to discuss their personal issues and concerns within a non-judgemental and caring therapeutic relationship.

We adapt our therapeutic approach to meet each client’s unique personal circumstances, preferred way of working together, and desired goals for therapy.

We aim to identify the influences adversely impacting your decisions and quality of life, arising from your cultural, social, economic or other circumstances with the aim of empowering you to:

    • identify your own sense of purpose and meaning,
    • resolve your specific issues and concerns,
    • better understand yourself and your relationships with others; and
    • achieve a sense of emotional and psychological well-being.


We offer psychotherapy and counselling services in person on Saturdays, and online consultations during the weekday evenings to fit around you and your family’s other commitments. We also work with schools to provide one on one counselling, psycho-education and group work.